RagTagBox is here!

Hi kids!  Been hard at work creating a fun new monthly subscription box!

It contains paper craft fun as well as a stitchy diy kit.  It also will have 1-2 handmade or non handmade gift items.

I want each month for the most part to be a mystery BUT because July is our launch box, we don’t have an example box to show so the contents of the July box have been released!  Here is what you can expect:

IMG_8760Sooooo many fun bits & pieces!  AND the cross stitch kit contains 2 different patterns to chose from & the supplies to complete one of the projects.  You can order your July box or sign up for 3 or 6 months of fun at www.RagTagBox.com and for your first fabulous order, use code JULYLAUNCHBOX at checkout to get 20% off!  ALSO you have the option or get a mini box instead & chose from a paper craft mini or a stitchy mini box.

Check out http://www.spotyourcolors.com for FAQ or email us at ragtagboxfun@gmail.com


July box has an awesome vintage library book card and a bottle cap magnet.


2 mini note cards are in the July box as well as a mini pencil, 3 mini clothes pins, and lots of other bits to decorate your HAPPY MAIL!


long live happy mail!

My Latest New Beginning

It is with minimal sadness that I have to announce the closing of my brick and mortar store.  I could say I am moving, but currently the move will only be to a storage facility while I am working on my other passion, graphic design on a film. Know that I will continue to sell online via my etsy page nikkibydesign.com as well as spotyourcolors.com (which I will be revamping soon). I will also continue to book Spot Colors at events and art markets around town and beyond.

I say “minimal” sadness because as much as I have enjoyed having a shop, I also enjoy traveling and being able to work from anywhere in the world, at any time that I want.  While closing my physical shop will be sad, I am excited for my new life adventures and the changes to come. Crafting will ALWAYS be in my blood and a huge addiction for me so don’t worry about me going away completely. I will be online and I will also continue to participate in art markets in New Orleans when I am in town.

Between the city and the thieves, it’s really hard to own a business here.  I have had at least 3 thefts of merchandise that I am aware of in the 6 months.  And the fees and taxes on taxes from the city of New Orleans are ridiculous. Not to mention everyone seems to buy online these days so I am currently 1 of 3 retail shops on Oak St who are closing or have closed recently. It’s sad but the world continues to change as do I.

I like change, I welcome change, I find myself not being able to live without change. So this latest change is exciting for me and opens up a lot of other opportunities. Hope you all will still follow and shop with me!

I will be announcing sales for the non-handmade items in my shop very soon.

Our last day opened will be May 1st.
If you don’t already, follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates, online sales, events and more.



Oh My…

Goodness…it has been a while.  I try and try to get myself to post regularly but my busy crazy life gets in the way and some things have to be eliminated sometimes and unfortunately, blogging tends to be one of them.  I think I shall blog all the things I work so hard on for my newsletter.  Here it comes…


one of my lovely tables of fun

Spot Colors Halloween party was last weekend and went great! Had lots of visitors, snacks, games, and crafting.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.16.18

It’s November once again and you know what that means?  Cool air, holiday season, and Poboy Festival! Sunday, November 23rd from 11am-7pm down Oak Street (New Orleans) between Carrollton and the river. We will be opened from 11-7pm as well that day, stop by and do some holiday shopping! We will have poboy magnets and note cards available for purchase.


This little fella is all tuckered out! It’s hard being a flesh eating bunny…

Just uploaded, this pattern designed by LaBranche Designs is available for purchase on our Etsy page for just $5!  Includes pattern, list of supplies, and instructions.

PrintWe are entering into a new era here at Spot Colors….ILLUSTRATION!  I have been hand drawing a lot of fun new things lately and have only released a few designs.  The phone, for instance, was hand drawn, traced and colored digitally, and printed on a note card.  There are a couple more like it for sale in store as we speak! And more to come…

IMG_9654 copyIMG_9655 I recently started messing around with embroidery again and I think I love it just as much as cross stitch! Check out these 2 pieces (below) I just finished.  The camper is a print fabric I found and I sewed over it.  The “bout it” was done freestyle, no pattern.  Hoping to crank out more quirky pieces before the holidays!

dear handmade life - living + working from scratchStarting this month in every newsletter I will be highlighting a crafting website/blog that I enjoy and recommend you enjoy as well!  This month’s blog is DEAR HANDMADE LIFE. This is where I first learned about the Craftcation Conference that I attended last April and will be attending again next March.  On their blog you can find DIY projects, crafty book recommendations, small business tips, and more! My personal favorite is their Inspiration page. Enjoy!


Day #4 & #5

Day #4, yesterday, was planned for me to learn to use my Cricut Expressions 2 cutting machine.  I did just that!  Got several vinyl decals cut too.  I like the machine a lot, it gives me more options of things to sell, but I am a bit annoyed that I can not currently get the feature to work that lets me design my own images.

Day #5, today, was planned to work on my line sheet. It is almost 4pm and that has not happened. I am ok with that. It is something that REALLY needs to get done (i have someone asking for one) but I just am far too exhausted today.  So I will take it easy, do some other things around the shop, and that is that.  All in all I feel my week of things was successful.  Next week = VACATION!

Day #2 & #3

This is going about half as planned.  Day 2 I did ok, I planned to track my business spending and sales.  I sorted all the paperwork, worked on the spreadsheet, and tracked my sales for July.  I didn’t track my spending but I got a good bit done.

Day 3 was different.  I was planning to work on my Wacom Tablet skills all day.  School got in the way of that.  I ended up only getting 30 minutes of tablet drawing done.

Today, Day 4, is working with my Cricut machine.  Let’s see how this goes…

Day #1: House Clean

I got a decent amount done on my first day of getting things done.  I did not, however, spend the whole day on that one task as I planned.  Things always come up, of course.  I did get the basics cleaned and cleaned up more clutter around my home.  It’s going to have to be an ongoing event.

Today is “Track Business Expenses” day and so far I am having a hard time sticking to it mostly due to the fact that I hate doing it.  I filed all my receipts in their own groups.  That’s about as far as I have gotten.  We shall see…